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Traces and Fragments of Memory

With a function of camera recorded, the filmmaker started filming “Prang Sam Yot” an archaeological site in Lopburi Province in the south-northern of Thailand. Like a poetry cinema. The film recorded everyday life and realism with non-linear.

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the videographer

The Mudguard and a Lonely Monkey

An essay film of so-called artist, Wichanon Somumjarn. He went back to his hometown, Khon Kaen. This city was located in the northeastern of Thailand. With his new project “From the Muddy Banks of Chee River” a thriller-arthouse cinema on “nano budget”. He and his friends started an investigation on real problems and real locations.

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Like Raining at the End of April (Director’s Cut)

หนังทดลองที่นำฟุตเทจบางส่วนจาก In April the Following, There Was a Fire มาทดลองอีกรอบ ผสมกับฟุตเทจจากงานชิ้นอื่นๆ ของตัวผู้กำกับ วิชชานนท์ สมอุ่มจารย์

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